Heal the Family, Heal the Vet



A cornerstone to our philosophy is the family of the veteran.  The healing of the veteran starts and end with the family.  With this in mind there are several resources available to a veteran.  There are not to their family.  Our goal is to offer support services to the spouse/significant other of the veteran through our retreats and events you will meet other spouses and gain a strong support system.  You (the family) of the veteran are the most important part of their healing.  We will empower you and give you the tools and support you need.

Through outdoor related trust exercises with your family we will work overtime to reinforce those bonds that made you want to be the one to support them through their hard times in the first place. We will guide the spouse through the process of navigating the benefits that are already available to your family, not just your vet.  There will also be support from our other members and their families.  You will enjoy the special time in nature with our support system.